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from __future__ import annotations

import abc
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Iterable

    from gaphor.core.modeling import Element
    from gaphor.diagram.diagramtoolbox import (

[docs] class Service(abc.ABC): """Base interface for all services in Gaphor."""
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def shutdown(self) -> None: """Shutdown the services, free resources."""
[docs] class ActionProvider(abc.ABC): """An action provider is a special service that provides actions via ``@action`` decorators on its methods (see gaphor/""" @abc.abstractmethod def __init__(self): pass
[docs] class ModelingLanguage(abc.ABC): """A model provider is a special service that provides an entrypoint to a model implementation, such as UML, SysML, RAAML.""" @property @abc.abstractmethod def name(self) -> str: """Human-readable name of the modeling language.""" @property @abc.abstractmethod def toolbox_definition(self) -> ToolboxDefinition: """Get structure for the toolbox.""" @property @abc.abstractmethod def diagram_types(self) -> Iterable[DiagramType]: """Iterate diagram types.""" @property @abc.abstractmethod def element_types(self) -> Iterable[ElementCreateInfo]: """Iterate element types."""
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def lookup_element(self, name: str) -> type[Element] | None: """Look up a model element type by (class) name."""