Coffee Machine: Summary

The Technology Level design uses a very similar approach as the Logical Level. Work on the behavior, structure, and then the requirements. At this level, you will now specify all the design details for how this specific espresso machine will work. We’ll leave this exercise up to you to do, and we would be glad to have contributions of this design back in to this tutorial if you are interested in getting involved in Gaphor.

As they worked, the ants encountered numerous challenges. They had to ensure that the machine was safe, efficient, and easy to use, all while meeting the unique needs of their feline client. But with their deep understanding of systems engineering and their commitment to key principles and concepts, they were able to overcome these challenges and design an exceptional espresso machine.

In the end, Cappuccino was thrilled with the machine, which worked flawlessly and was a big hit with his customers. He was so impressed with the ants’ work that he offered them a long-term contract to design all of his café’s systems. The ants were proud of their success, knowing that it was all thanks to their expertise and deep understanding of systems engineering principles. They had proven that, with the right tools and approach, anything is possible.